Foodie Shots is more than photography

Hi, I’m Kat

I love food, and I love photography.

A few decades ago (1997 I believe) I graduated from RMIT with a Degree in Graphic Design and even then photography was a strong part of my role. It certainly plays a part in lighting, composition, colour theory and marketing.

Over the years I noticed though I was taking more and more photos for clients as there was a need. Eventually photography became the main focus with my husband and I capturing weddings, events and corporate branding images in our other business Sonny & Kat Photography which officially began in 2016.

As we developed, I found myself often in the kitchens at events and taking detail shots of the food. A natural evolution occurred and  Foodie Shots became my business in around May of 2019.


2024 headshot for foodies shots photography
Kat eating off the spoon

Why food photography?

Memories of my Mum in the kitchen on Sunday mornings cooking up an assortment of slices, cakes and biscuits – these are precious. I would help of course (clean the beaters) and it is this connection with food and memories that is the basis of Foodie Shots.

Food has the power to connect people, and you’ll often find me saying food is emotional. So through my photography or creating spaces for people to engage with food, Foodie Shots’ aim is to:

  • highlight our local producers passion for growing, harvesting and packing our food
  • showcase our hospitality industries creations and
  • connect communities through the sharing of food.

The love of food starts at home.

We are blessed to have a large suburban block in Highfields and we love our large vegie gardens. Being able to pick our own greens, herbs and citrus is such a gratifying gift.

Friends can attest, if you come here for dinner you are bound to be a guinea pig for a creation – we havent lost anyone yet!

As such when I am creating the perfect scene and it demands fresh, high quality herbs or a slice of lime, it is fantastic to be able to pick them straight from our garden.

Kat relaxing at home with a tea
Foodie Shots Photography Skills Workshop

Photography Skills Workshops

As a small business owner myself I know that I wear many hats. However, if I can help small businesses to learn some of the photography skills, to take their own social media photos, then they will benefit and so will our Toowoomba community. Foodie Shots run our Photography Skills Workshops once or twice a month. Check out in the Workshops for the next date.

Why work with me?

Your business is to create amazing products and mine is to make them shine and tell your visual story. Let me take care of this part of your business so you can do what you do best.

The ultimate compliment in my line of work is “man, that image makes me hungry”. My focus is showcasing food in a light designed to delight the senses and reach through the lens to make a connection.

Kat with her camera int he Foodie Shots studio Highfields
Parisiann Cake in the Foodie Shots Studio

Bottom line… Customers eat with their eyes and buy with emotion.

Let me ask you,

  • What do your images convey?
  • Do they tell the story you are trying to communicate?
  • Do they evoke the emotions you believe they should?
  • Have you asked your customers what your imagery conveys?

I’d love to create impactful images  for your blog, restaurant or business, just sing out.

Foodie Shots Cafe BTS

Your images make me want to lick the screen


Photographer, Butterfly Kisses Creations

August Moon saw a huge increase in Google views after updating their listing with Foodie Shots photos… “Your photos received 215% more views than similiar business.”


Business Partner at August Moon Takeaway

I have been working with Kat Lynn for nearly 4 years and her food shots are just breathtaking, she has made our profile look so professional.


Director, GF Oats Australia

giving up our time is such a valuable gift

If you unselfishly give back to the universe you will receive back ten fold. Therefore when Foodie Shots is given an opportunity to help some of the local charities, we do within our capacity. Below are some of the charities Foodie Shots have worked with directly and indirectly. We have seen first hand how these beautiful organisations have changed the lives of many young and disadvantaged people.

Yellow bridge toowoomba logo
Toowoomba Hospital Foundation Logo
Cancer Council
Sunrise Way


[Very Important Foodie]

 As a foodie myself I know the importance of connecting people and building a network of amazing business connections. Whether that is through learning how to take food photography or product photography, or working with Foodie Shots to capture your amazing story, menu or product. 

I look forward to you becoming a V.I.F. and helping you step up to that next level.

Kat Lynn xx

2024 headshot for foodies shots photography
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