Food & Product Photography Workshop

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• Are you a business owner who needs to take their own photos?
• Are you frustrated with how your photos look?
• Do you want to increase your sales?
• Do you use your phone camera?

This workshop is for both phone camera and DSLR users.

This workshop will help you:
• understand the fundamentals of photography
• troubleshoot common issues
• take your snapshots to hero shots in no time.
• you will be proud to use these images on your social media marketing
• create brand consistency
• increase engagement
• ultimately increase your sales

Bring your whole team! Learn together and share the knowledge – a great team building exercise. Please note there is a group discount so if you are bringing more than 3 people contact me directly.


The learning doesn’t end there. You will become an exclusive member of our private Foodie Togs group where you can continue to ask questions and share your progress in a safe and supportive environment. Once a Foodie Tog always a Foodie Tog.

If you are not local we can certain facilitate your session online using ZOOM, just let us know so we can send instructions. We have catered for these throughout the COVID lockdown and now we are able to cater for up to 5 people in our studio in Highfields Toowoomba, aligning with current regulations.

Workshops run from 10am – 12pm (2hrs)
Lighthouse Write Gallery Crn of Hume and Margaret Toowoomba

This workshop is limited to 5 people

The introductory photo workshop I had with Kat gave me a definite insight to the world of staging a photo. I already had a little bit of an understanding of the basics of what’s need for a photo (light, subject, etc), but completing the workshop with Kat really opened my eyes to the level of depth it takes to create style and leading lines in an image. The practical, hands on nature of the workshop really helps to see the difference a few subtle tweaks can make, as well as helping you to become more aware of how your shot is set up. I’m ready to tackle some real practice now, and look forward to improving my photographing skills.

Consultant, Darling Fresh Consulting

It was wonderful to have a ‘starter’ photography course with Kat at Foodie Shots. We are a boutique catering company that regularly creates new products & works with seasonal produce. This means that we don’t always have the time or budget to get a photographer in to photograph those ‘on the go’ creative moments. The course with Kat has equipped us with the foundations (both practical skills & the creative eye) to take basic product shots on our iPhones, set up shots and use simple photography editing apps. She was so encouraging, a professional delight to work with and has been an ongoing resource for the more ‘complicated’ shots that we don’t want to take ourselves.

Highly recommended!

Amy. T

Owner, Monkey Business Catering

Really enjoyed Kats workshop today, I learnt some great skills to start taking better photos to represent my business. With no fancy camera or editing program, just an iphone

You don’t teach
You encourage
You don’t instruct
You get along side
You are passionate about your craft and your product and that passion translates into a place where I would believe in myself.
Thank you for unlocking my trapped potential Kat.

Owner, Shell's Friends and Family Fare

I was fortunate to be able to do Kat’s food photography workshop. One of the best two hour investments for my business – Kat does an amazing job of quickly importing key concepts and putting them into practice.
Ben O'Brien

Distiller, Pechey Distillery

I loved Kat’s Product Workshop! My desire was to be able to create gorgeous, sophisticated, professional product photos using my IPHONE. and OMG! I have a beautiful image I adore AND I know how to recreate the whole thing. The amount of value Kat has delivered through this 1 x 2hr workshop has saved me so much anxiousness, time and of course $$$!. Thank you Kat! LOVED the workshop!!