Product Photography for VonKatz Soaps

Vonnie came to us after seeing some of our product photography examples and knew this was the missing link for her growing hobby, Von Katz Soaps & Gift Baskets.

Prior to the photo sessions Vonnie relied heavily on the markets to generate her income which was not only very demanding, it was also a risk to her product being out in the elements–if it rains or there is lots of dust her products are damaged and can not be sold.

By creating an online portfolio of images of her product Vonnie could implement a professional looking shopify website which enables her to direct sales and traffic even while she is sleeping.

In Vonnie’s words, “Until I had my product photography done by Foodie Shots, I was not taken seriously and I even thought of myself as a hobbist. Now, I’m a business who deals with national and overseas clients.”

Foodie Shots sits with all our clients and gains an understanding of their purpose and where they are wanting to go. We then plan the session and provide the studio setting for ease and consistency. Editing always involves providing a range of sizes or formats depending on the output required. If we need to talk to the web designer or printer we often do this on the clients behalf to save them the inconvenience. Businesses have enough to do without extra work. Foodie Shots creates product photography which is easy efficient and affordable.

Vonnie has continued to update her photos regularly to ensure the quality of her branding remains consistent across multiple platforms.

Investing in her product photography with Foodie Shots means she can target highend clients as well as gain a valueable advocate for her growing successful business.

Kat eating off the spoon


[Very Important Foodie]

 As a foodie myself I know the importance of connecting people. Whether that is learning how to take food photography or product photography, employing Foodie Shots to capture your story, menu or product or even learning how to cook and create different food cuisines. 

I look forward to you becoming a V.I.F. and helping you have an even better foodie experience.

Kat Lynn xx

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