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When are deposits due?

All deposits are required by 30th November – sooner the better. Helloworld wont book flights until we get the 10, as they are basically non refundable. If its later then the airfares could be more expensive which would mean a surcharge on those that haven’t deposited in time.The good thing is the interest free plus the Everywhere Rewards loyalty program that gives a $50 reduction.

How much deposit is required?

$1250 which is not refundable once the flights are booked. If you pay your deposit early and in the unlikely event there is not enough people to proceed by the 30th November your deposit can be refunded. 

When are final payments required?

Final payments are to our supplier 90 days prior to departure so that is by the 10th Jan 2020.


Prices are based on rooming requirements of twin/double share. Prices are correct as at 31st August 2019 and subject to currency fluctuations. Airfare component included in the above price subject to availability and may incur surcharge.

Travel Insurance.

For this trip travel insurance is mandatory, NOT CREDIT CARD INSURANCE. We will be quoting a comprehensive policy for all. It is based mainly on your age and destination so ensure the info sheet is filled put and is included with the deposit. It makes no difference to the price if you are covered from the moment of deposit or just before you depart. So it is best to have cover the moment deposit is made, you are covered from then. For this group, since it is through Kat, we will be offering a 10% discount.

Are there possible changes to the itinerary?

Every attempt will be to maintain the current itinerary. However as we can not control unforeseen circumstances there is a possibility of minor changes. The essence of the tour will remain: cooking class, photography workshops, local attractions, specialty workshops. 

Other terms and conditions.

Please refer to Helloworld instore for further terms and conditions at the time of making your booking.

Free Time

There will be time for free roaming and sight seeing. As adults we trust you will take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety. 

Excess Baggage

All attendees are responsible for excess baggage and compliance with customs.

Photography Equipment

Please ensure your insurance covers your equipment in the unfortunate event of accidental damage.  Again whilst on location you are ultimately responsible for your safety and to only participate in activities you feel comfortable to do so.

Interest Free Terms

Interest free details are available through Helloworld Toowoomba. For privacy reasons we strongly suggest you contact Eddie to have this organised and help step through the process. It is a fantastic way to pay off the experience rather than a lump sum. The company who offers this arrangement is HSBC Book Now & Pay Later. 

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