Penang Tour

February 2021


21st – 27th February

Photography Workshops
Cooking Class
Art Workshop

Let’s discover the wonderful delicacies of Penang.

Sonny and Kat went over to Malaysia back in about 2014 and loved Penang. It is an island just off the mainland and it has a culture all of its own, the people are so friendly and there are lots of hidden treasures to be found if you just take the time to discover. They love experiencing new cuisines and learning the techniques to create home made dishes.So they always do some form of cooking class or experience when they travel.

So fast forward to 2021 and they want to take you over there to share this experience. With the help of Helloworld Toowoomba Range and Central, who are arranging the tour, Kat and Sonny can ensure everything will be organised.

Both Sonny & Kat are pro photographers and really enjoy sharing this knowledge. However, cooking is also huge part of their lives and especially for Kat with Foodie Shots – the origins of the food is really important to understand where it comes from, what is its purpose, how can it be used and most importantly how to incorporate it into everyday cooking. The sharing of a meal is such a gift and it brings people together and creates memories.

Helloworld has it all covered

No need to worry about the details. Helloworld have planned many a group tour and provide the best service.

Street art walks

Spice Garden Tour


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Art Workshop

Take a little of Penang home with you

Kat Profile Image

“I can’t wait to show you all the wonderful delights Penang has to offer. It will be great to see Pearly again during our cooking and market day. Oh you will be amazed at all the different spices at the Spice Garden.” 

Kat Lynn – Director of Foodie Shots

Pearly’s Market and Cooking Class

Penang is a melting pot of the significant cultural groups in that region (Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, European) and is reflected in all elements of Penang, but especially the food and architecture. “No matter what level of cooking skills you are, I always believe there is no one who has to fear while coming to my cooking class. My wet market tour is the highlight of the cooking session. The tapestry of activities in the wet market with a personal guide comes out alive when you learn the benefits of fresh produce in your cooking. I am proud to point out we use fresh produce and I go to market daily for my cooking class. We strongly believe in using freshly purchased ingredients.” – Pearly

Photography Tours

Kat and Sonny will be on the tour with you and both are pro photographers who love to travel and help others develop their photography skills. You can bring your DSLR (they will be) or simply your smart phone. You will learn techniques to compose your images, as well as tips for handling different lighting conditions. They will do a range of workshops over the tour including night time, landscape, food and editorial street photography. The learning certainly is not restricted to these time either so always ask questions.

Art Workshop

Natalie Fogarty has been a local artist and graphic designer for some time now and Kat was thrilled when she agreed to come along and share her knowledge with the tour. She also has a wicked sense of humour so it will be a lot of fun. It isn’t totally confirmed yet, but there will be at least one morning and/or afternoon class where Nat will take you as a group and teach you some skills. Don’t worry you don’t have to be an artist or be able to draw.
Half the fun is just trying. 


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