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Foodie Shots provide the perfect studio environment to produce high quality product photography for ecommerce and commercial businesses in the Toowoomba region and Australia wide.

Creating high quality product images are imperative for you to be seen and valued as a reputatable business online and in the media.

Our client said, “Until I had my product photography done by Foodie Shots, I was not taken seriously and I even thought of myself as a hobbist. Now, I’m a business who deals with national and overseas clients.”

A small investment now to showcase your products in their best light will pay off in the future. Kat’s has a degree in Graphic Design and has been creating images for businesses for over 20years. Along with a wealth of experience in retail and customer experience design, you are sure to gain a valuable asset working with Foodie Shots.

I recently had Kat take some photos of my food for a cookbook to be published this year. Having only seen the photos through her camera lens, I could tell that they are going to look amazing. I would totally recommend her to take your photos for your cafe, restaurant for your menus and also for your social media profile.

Patria Patava - Lady Bellissimo - High Tea to You

I have been working with Kat Lynn for over 2 years and her food shots are just breathtaking, she has made our profile look so professional.
Kylie Martin Hollands - GF Oats Australia

Kat eating off the spoon


[Very Important Foodie]

 As a foodie myself I know the importance of connecting people. Whether that is learning how to take food photography or product photography, employing Foodie Shots to capture your story, menu or product or even learning how to cook and create different food cuisines. 

I look forward to you becoming a V.I.F. and helping you have an even better foodie experience.

Kat Lynn xx

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