I will Excite with mouth watering images.
I will help Educate by sharing photography skills with businesses.
I will Connect people through my love of food experiences.

If you havent guessed by now I am passionate about food. That means I make it my mission to bring out the best in your creations. 

Cafes and Restaurants…

I understand you have worked real hard to be where you are and Foodie Shots would love to help showcase your masterpieces. 

It is criminal when I see beautiful food in poor light and captured in a way which falls short of telling the true story of its creators and the business.

Food Related Businesses…

Let Foodie Shots come and help create stunning product images for your marketing needs so you can concentrate on running your business.   

I am flexible and open to hear what your needs are so if these packages are not quite right sing out and I will sit down and work out the best way so it is beneficial for all involved.

Here are some examples of possible packages, however I can tailor these to suit your needs. 

Yes, we do custom packages, please contact Foodie Shots for details!

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Foodie Shots are always happy to chat about food...Let's get hungry.