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You’re a foodie. A restauranteur. Someone with a passion for hospitality.

Great! That makes… a million of us.

With a new restaurant or cafe popping up on every corner, it takes a lot to shine – stand out, make yourself the number one player. So, what does it take to become the leader in your industry? To have people knocking down your door with reservations or lining the street corner for your delicious goods?

Let me tell you something for free – it’s all in the photography.

So, what exactly does high quality food photography do?

  1. Showcase your product and your brand: Your job is to make us hungry! You could have the best food in the world tucked away in your restaurant, but if no one knows about it, there’s no point in making it. Let a photographer take this time-consuming job off your hands and provide expert pictures that make customers mouths water.
  2. It evokes emotion: There is proof that pairing visuals with text when marketing food creates a higher conversion rate. This is the buying behaviour of food – people buy and recommend food that looks high quality and presentable, particularly over digital platforms. In the same sense, as a business owner, you control your success rate by putting your best foot forward with an expert photographer.
  3. Photos are evergreen: That’s right – once captured, digital imagery can last an extremely long time. What only takes an hour to capture can be shared across websites, social media, blogs, branding and more for years, and the return on investment is endless. Of the huge scale of hospitality professionals, high quality photography allows you to put your business higher up the chain and have control of how others see your brand.


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The important thing to know about food photography is that it won’t send you broke. Food photography showcases your brand, has a long-lasting return on investment, which in turn solves a problem for both you and your customer – they find out who you are, and you get more customers through your door.

Don’t risk hiding your expertise in the darkness of your restaurant where no one can see. Market it and have customers lining up to book you.

Kat with her camera int he Foodie Shots studio Highfields

Contact Foodie Shots today to book your product or food photography session. We offer annual subscriptions as well for those who are serious about regular fresh content.


Cheers Kat
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