An orange background with a white logo showing small hands inside a larger set of hands both holding a bowl with a heart-shaped fruit above it. On the bowl are the words The Soup Box.

Who doesn’t like it when everyone wins?! A group of local businesses and organisations have come together to be part of a community initiative named The Soup Box. These boxes will benefit community members who visit Basement Soup kitchen each weekday for a hot meal, while also having a flow-on effect for our farmers and producers at the Toowoomba Farmers Markets during the months of July and August.

The idea came about when Kat was talking with Nat Spary from Base Services about a break-in a couple of months back. Thieves broke into their cool room, not only stealing from the hungry mouths but also leaving the door open to ensure the remaining produce and meat was spoiled and unusable. To say Kat was annoyed is an understatement. But in true Kat style, she jumped into action with ideas on how to support this vital service in our community. You could say Kat was getting on her Soap Box and BOOM!..the idea hit…The Soup Box.

Members of the community can contribute to boxes at the Toowoomba Farmers Markets, supporting our producers and farmers by buying their produce. These nutrition-rich boxes will then be delivered to the Base Soup Kitchen to feed those in need. WIN WIN!

Community members are able to help with as little or as much as they want. We are all feeling the pinch of the increased cost of living, so this is a great way we can all play a small part in helping the community. As Kat says, we all can create ripples that together creates waves.

When and where can you be part of The Soup Box?

Saturday 1st July till Saturday 26th August

at the stall next to Top of the Range Mushrooms

at Toowoomba Farmers Markets.

Foodie Shots says thank you to the following businesses and organisations for their support in bringing this idea to life:

Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce

Food & Agri Network Advisory Network

Little Pig Consulting

ALE Clothing and Signs

Toowoomba Farmers Markets

Mr Organic

When you contribute, don’t forget to post on your Facebook page and tag @foodieshotsphotography and #thesoupbox – that way we can keep the community spirit revolving!