When Kat first asked me to work with her, we were having lunch and spit-balling ideas to grow her reach. This is something I love doing so much I would honestly do it for free, and often do. When she reached out a couple weeks later and asked if I was genuinely interested, my heart skipped a beat. At the time I was sitting by the beach planning a self-drive coffee tour of the Sunshine Coast, because I’m that much of a food nerd. I couldn’t say yes fast enough to spending my days writing and talking about food!

I have loved every moment of the past few months as we’ve found our groove. What I’ve loved even more is all the incidental knowledge I’ve picked up. The obvious learnings have come from delving into new programs and brushing up my knowledge on communications and marketing. But there’s also so many wonderfully unexpected gifts that you get from working alongside such an incredible professional.

Foodie shots of A bowl of oats, topped with blueberry and bananas is being held in one hand. In the other hand is a spoon angled ready to eat the oats. The bowl has a periwinke blue cosy around it and the backgroud in a cabled white wool

Sensational Shots

One of the best moments I’ve had is discovering why I suddenly didn’t like one of my favourite food blogs anymore. Granted, I was always drawn to the recipes and stories regularly…until recently. I sat one day, trying to figure out what was different, and I realised it wasn’t the blog, it was me. What?!

You see, through scrolling Kat’s images and working with her in the studio I’ve developed a subconscious understanding of the composition required for an exceptional photo. Not a good one, or even a great one. An exceptional one. So, when I looked at the messiness of the images on my favourite blog, my brain now didn’t like what it saw. It needed more.

And just like that, I realised Kat was inadvertently teaching me to be a better photographer!

Foodie Shots Photography of A bowl of pumkin soup with a swirl of cream sits on a plate with crusty bread on a white table. The bowl is being scattered with mocriherbs by a hand from above

Industry Introductions

It’s not all about the subliminal. I’ve also been delving into a bunch of photography workshops and books. Kat happily allows me time to participate in shoots and takes time to explain different tips and tricks to me, which I love. But that unconscious learning is what we all strive for, and what really creates a strong new ability. What a privilege to do that while also doing something I love!

Another privilege I’ve had is to build relationships with so many of the local business community. Being the incredible businesswoman she is, Kat has surrounded herself with some of the most supportive, intelligent, and passionate people I have ever met. From her role as emcee for Growers on the Green, to events hosted in her studio for the Highfields District Business Connections (HDBC), or even attending functions as part of Foodie Shots, I have been introduced to an incredible array of local business leaders.

Meeting brilliant and supportive women like Kylie from GF Oats Australia, Michelle from Chell’s Friends and Family Fare (and her fabulous daughter, Teddy), and Ten Thousand Dreams’ Terri has helped build a fire under me to pursue my own small business dreams. Working alongside Kat’s digital guru, Nat has taught me some neat SEO tricks, and working on Foodie Shot’s application for the Business Excellence Awards is tapping into business knowledge that I am so excited to put into action.

Foodie Fantasies

I couldn’t do a post about Foodie shots without talking about food, could I? And the food! Oh my goodness! There is nothing more fun than geeking out with Kat over a product she’s shooting or wants to shoot. I get to spend time researching food brands, and call it work.

When you work with Kat, things can happen unexpectedly, and often they involve deliciousness. Like deciding we needed better pictures for this month’s cooking workshop, so we had to have osso bucco for lunch. Then there’s the cooking workshops, which I attend as both a guest and staff member, so I can write all about it. I mean, if I have to have lunch at Rosalie House, I guess I can suffer through it…

Tough life I have, right?!

Good Food, Great Heart

On a more serious note, and a personal level, Kat is a moment of sunshine and warmth in my weeks. In both her business and private life she spends her days lifting others up, and ensuring those around her are supported professionally and personally. From personalising a friend’s birthday gift, to checking in with a business contact she knows is stressed, and even just ensuring I take breaks and drink throughout the day, Kat is always thinking of others.  She makes a point of not being negative and, like me, is always searching for the silver lining in even the worst situation.

Working with someone so competent, confident, and strong who is also supportive of those around her is so refreshing and uplifting. It’s been a whirlwind of growth and learning over the past few months, with lots of delicious food thrown into the mix. When work is as enjoyable as this, it’s really hard to even call it work, and I am so grateful to Kat for trusting me to be her digital voice.

I’m loving every minute of my time with Foodie Shots and can’t wait to take on more challenges and tasks as we grow and build. We have a few exciting projects coming up that I’m so excited to get involved in and then share with you all.

So, watch this space for more drool-inducing images and (hopefully) equally sumptuous words.

Foodie shots - Slice of Drunken Fig Cake