Michari Meats is one of my go-to producers for great quality, local meat. I love that I can walk in with no idea what I’m doing for dinner and leave with inspiration and new ideas from just a quick conversation with Michael. I’m also a huge fan of working with Michari Meats as a local business who is passionate about supporting other local producers.

Having opened Michari Meats in Meringandan with the simple goal of sourcing locally to support other small businesses, Michari has become synonymous with the best in butchery. Michari smokes their incredible range of smallgoods on premises, using traditional methods to produce their delicious wood-smoked ham, authentic German wurst, and luscious salamis.

If you’re a foodie, the range at Michari Meats will make you weak at the knees. While they offer all the everyday quality cuts (steak, chops, marinated wings), you’ll also find almost anything else your heart desires. With a strong belief in nose-to-tail butchery, Michael can provide you with everything in offal, bones for stock or stew, and even treats for your furry friend. Best of all you can stop in and get their suggestions for tonight, or head over to their website to see their full product menu and plan a whole week of amazing meals.

You will notice, their website and social media is full of high quality photos of their products. We provided specialist food photography in our Highfields studio for Michari Meats. While meat can be mouthwatering in photos when it’s cooked and glistening with gorgeous caramelisation, I often hear from butchers that they don’t know how to make the raw product look appetising. That’s what Foodie Shots does:

Have you ever seen sexier naked wings? That’s right, naked. That’s how I see the raw product, as naked or undressed. All they need is a bit of zhuzh-ing with dark tile background and lighting to develop shadow, shape and texture. This removes the “fleshiness” of the meat and immediately creates a feeling of freshness and juiciness instead of rawness. Framed with gorgeous vegetables and condiments, and suddenly these wings start to become a memory trigger for that recipe you found that you’ve been meaning to try…  

Not only do we constantly strive for the highest quality photos, each session is tailored to the client, which means that no one else will have the same images as anyone else. While many brands use stock photos, by doing that you run the risk of other brands using the same images, detracting from the authenticity of your brand. Having your own suite of images ensures, not only authenticity, but consistency across your platforms, as the images are yours (and only yours) to keep and use anywhere and anytime you choose. 

Being able to celebrate brands like this is one of my greatest passions, and what drives me in every session. I want to make your brand shine, and your customers hunger for it. As a supporter of buying local and supporting small business, Foodie Shots loves working with other businesses who share this same passion and excitement. Michael’s respect for his produce is humbling, and his knowledge always encourages me to take more adventures within my own meat purchases. 

Head out to Meringandan and let Michael and the Michari Meats team get you sorted for dinner. But before you go, call me, so I can help you create eye-catching, drool-worthy images that make your brand stand above the rest, just like Michari’s do.