A few weeks ago, I was trying to remember where I could go at 3pm to have a coffee and work for a couple hours before another appointment. I don’t do this often, because I feel guilty taking up a table, so I couldn’t remember where was open. 

If you’ve ever tried to do the same, you know it’s a bit tricky to find a cafe here in town that is open a as late as 5pm. You’ve probably also ended up heading to one of the chains like Cafe 63 or Zaraffas. Which is totally fine! But when I need to focus, I find small, intimate cafes seem to work better. Realising I was not the only one in a similar spot, I decided to create go-to list of options for late weekday coffees.

Whether you’re working solo or catching up with a client, or maybe just a late afternoon coffee with a friend, you’ll find the cafes below open until at least 5pm, some even later, on weekdays. If you are going there to work, be kind enough to not just buy a single coffee in two hours, though, especially if they’re busy. Remember, their table spaces are income generators, treat yourself to cake as well, or maybe an Irish coffee.

Park House

Set opposite Queen’s Park, Park House is a Toowoomba institution. Open 6am-5pm every day, including weekends, they serve Belaroma coffee and have an all-day breakfast menu. 

Cafe De Velo

Located right next to Bikeline, and with a name meaning Bike Cafe, Cafe De Velo, is the perfect coffee stop after an early morning ride…or a ride at any time of the day really, because they’re open 7:00am – 4:30pm every weekday! Kitchen closes at 2.30pm on weekdays and 1.30pm on weekends however coffee and cakes is still available. They even do a 25% discount for anyone who can show they’ve cycled more than 25km. Time to take up cycling, I think…

A view I could definitely work with. Photo courtesy of Picnic Point website.

Picnic Point

With gorgeous views and a great mix of indoor/outdoor seating, Picnic Point Cafe shouldn’t be discluded from your afternoon coffee list. The menu is a celebration of local food, and their extensive wine list gives you the option of a cheeky tipple to treat yourself for working so hard. Open till 5:00pm every weekday gives you plenty of time to stop by.


This is a personal Heidi fave, so you know the coffee and food must be good. Junktion’s menu blends the standard cafe cakes-and-coffees with a great selection of Vietnamese food, including Vietnamese iced coffee. Open 6am – 3pm evey weekday, they reopen from 5pm til 8pm Thursday and Friday, they’re the perfect spot for a late week coffee-and-dinner meeting. Or maybe just a coffee and Friday night take-away.  

“I have been enjoying the food at Junktion Coffee House for quite some time now – but every time I think of leaving a review – I have usually finished my meal because it’s so fresh, tasty and full of flavour. Everything on the menu is sensational but my favourite has to be the pho during this cold weather! Takes me back to my travels in Vietnam.
The service here is so friendly and welcoming, really beautiful people serving the food they love and enjoy – you can taste the love and passion. Well done team, you are such a credit to our region.”

– Direct from Junction Facebook Page Review. A gushing customer shared just how good her lunch was.

The Revised Cafe

With an eclectic mix of classic Aussie cafe food and traditional Himalayan delights, The Revised Cafe is absolutely worth the visit, especially if you’re already out Newtown way. They’re open from 6am – 5pm weekdays, and til 3pm on Weekends, so you’re bound to find a minute spare to savour a Di Bella coffee, or a couple momo. 

Gelatissimo Toowoomba

Not just the most delicious gelato or ice cream in town but also serving up great coffee and cake. They are open 11am – 9.30pm Sunday to Thursday and Saturday 10am – 10pm and Sunday 10am – 9.30pm. So no excuse to not have your coffee even after a movie.

Bonus: Sunday Cafe Club

“What about Sunday afternoon?” I hear your scream. The other magical time when everything seems to be closed. Don’t worry, I got you. Not only do both Park House and Picnic Point Cafe both open until 5pm all weekend as well, there’s a couple extra options that are perfect for a late Sunday latte. Check these places out:

The Other Bird

Still the same Finch, just under a new name, The Other Bird is located in the old Weis’ Restaurant estate. While they’re open everyday til 3:30pm, Friday and Saturday, between 4:30pm and 8:30pm, you can sample their woodfired pizzas, Fonzie Abbott coffee, or a cheeky cocktail.

a long table is set under a tree as the sun shines through, dappling the table and grass with light
The idyllic outside space at Kingfishers Cafe

Kingfishers Cafe

Situated inside The Springs Garden Centre, and surrounded by lush gardens, Kingfishers Cafe is the perfect place for a summer Sunday afternoon. Open from 8am – 4:30pm every day of the week, and with a playground for the kids, you’ll enjoy every moment and every bite or sip of whatever you choose to sample.  

95 Mary Street

Re-opening late last year, but celebrating the same luxe experience as the previous owners, 95 Mary Street feels like a guilt-free indulgence. With a menu of of healthy gourmet salads and wickedly extravagant treats, you’ll want to come back here every Sunday afternoon. You totally can, because 95 Mary are open Wednesday – Sunday from 8am – 3:30pm.    

a table in front of a cafe window with a cabage salad and butterfly pea flower oced tea
You know it’s good when the food is as pretty as the decor. 95 Mary St speaks for itself.

Can you think of anyone we’ve missed? Let us know and we’ll be sure to add them to our list!