Jims Jerky banner

What’s full of protein and iron, low in fat, and free of gluten and nitrates, perfect for anything from snacking on the go to impressing your fanciest friends on a cheeseboard?

Jim’s Jerky!

We are currently working with the team to build a suite of images showcasing the iconic product. We have just finished a range of product photography in the Foodie Shots studio and next is to create some behind the scenes editorial which I am esp looking forward to. 

Jim’s is also locally and family owned, and alway has been. In fact, they’re just one of the incredible businesses the Toowoomba region can boast as their homegrown own.

The crew from Jim’s Jerky is incredibly fun to work with, because they’re as passionate about quality local produce, big flavours, and celebrating good food as I am. They take pride in knowing the providence of their meats and the best use for each cut, which means every piece of jerky is a gold-mine of the finest Aussie beef used in the best possible way.

And the flavours! Personally, I’m a hardcore beer stick fan, but with everything from mild flavoured jerky, to spicy pepperoni, I can guarantee you’ll find a savoury treat that hits your sweet spot.

There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing a brand you eat respects not only me as a consumer, but the producers and product itself as well. That’s what I love about working with Jim’s, it’s not just your taste-buds that get to feel good, your soul does as well.