Have you considered a Foodie Shots subscription, but been unsure how to get the best value?

Recently, I met with one of my subscription clients to plan their images for the coming months. They had been stuck as to what to do with their subscription other than new packaging and lifestyle shots. This made me think, maybe there’s others out there with similar concerns. So I wanted to take a moment to give you an idea of the variety and versatility available when you have access to monthly images for your business.

Here’s just a few brilliant ways to use your subscription package with Foodie Shots.

Great Product Images are Essential

One of the most common use for Foodie Shots’ subscriptions is product or stock shots for new items in your range. If you’re only needing a few images of the new item or updated packaging this is a great way to use a month’s package, especially if you’re tight on budget. You can even send me the new packaging if you’re not local, so you save time and energy you can use in other areas of your business.

A package of Darling Fresh Smoke Haus Pulled Pork sits on dark marble surrounded by fresh condiments and tortilla for making fresh burritos

Now, if you’ve got multiple new products or a full re-brand underway, you might find it more beneficial to organise a full day or half-day session where we can work together to make all your products shine like the stars they are. That way you can save your subscription images for regularly updated lifestyle images.

Lifestyle Images Help Customers See your Brand IRL (In Real Life)

In today’s digital world, your online presence as a business is almost its own form of currency. This means a website and being listed on search engines, like Google. It also means regularly showing up on social mediums like Facebook and Instagram. But who has the time for regular photo shoots to keep up with the bigger brands in Insta-style?

This is the perfect reason to have a Foodie Shots’ Subscription! You are guaranteed five new images per month to use however you choose and as many times as you like. I can create gorgeous scenes like these of your products:

A young blond woman sits on a white-linened bed with her computer. She is smiling and holing a cup of hot chocolate.

These kinds of images give realism to your product in your customers’ daily lives, giving them a subtle link to your brand when they think of themselves in a similar moment. (refine this based on the lifestyle shot used to make it more specific to the image) We plan these images with your ideas and our creativity to make sure they’re both relatable to your demographic but also unique to you—something you can’t get with generic lifestyle stock images.

How great to know that you have unique social media collateral at your fingertips each month, with minimal effort on your part?!

Tell Stories with your Subscription

You know how my website talks about licking the screen? Have you heard me talk about almost being able to smell the food in my photos? Can you feel your mouth watering, because you can almost taste this (whatever it is)?

A blue ceramic mixing bowl with a wooden spoon sits on a wooden bench filled with the dry ingredients for making Anzac biscuits. The bowl is surrounded by baking utensils and containers of dry oats and brown sugar.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but I think it’s closer to a million, really. I aim to create that feeling of being right there with all my images. These “action” shots allow you to show your products in use though, not just static, which helps your customers imagine themselves using the product in similar ways. But they can also trigger memories that can take your customers to special moments and make them crave the chance to recreate that memory again.

In the image above you know that the raw product is oats, but you’re also seeing it being used to bring to life something extra divine. Your brain relates the image to familiar memories. Suddenly, you can almost hear the oven whirring as it warms up… and smell the sickly-sweetness of the dough…which likely takes you back to sneaking a taste when mum’s back is turned…or licking the bowl while you wait impatiently for the goodies to come out of the oven.

And suddenly you really want an Anzac Bikkie, but also probably want to make your own so you can relive that special memory of the sneaky taste, right?

We can do this with each one of your products! We can create a series of unique stories over multiple subscription months, which you can space out over multiple social posts. In fact,  you’ve probably seen Foodie Shots do this very thing on our Instagram.

Now tell me you didn’t visit at least one of those brands after looking at those images? Oh, and that leads perfectly into the next reason to subscribe…

Subscription Equals Stealth Promotion

I love collaborations! I am truly part of the team who believes working together is guaranteed to achieve more than working alone. I also truly love working with and playing with all these amazing and incredible products my clients bring to me.

Through your subscription, I get to work with your amazing products over and over again. Every month, I become more familiar with not just your products, but you and your brand, which means that when I find another product I feel matches with yours I start thinking about collaborations and ways we can work together as a team.

Group of people behind table smiling happily

I’ve done these collaborations in the past, working with the fabulous Leisa from Retrohex, and Darling Fresh Colulting’s very own Jeff Schultheiss, when launching Jeff’s Smoke Haus brand of smoked goods. I’ve built this amazing connection with GF Oats, even joining them at last year’s Naturally Good Expo in Sydney to help on their stand.

Kylie from GF Oats totally understands now the power of having great branded product images available, stating

I had totally underestimated how much those images would mean to our brand. Our suppliers come back all the time, “Can we get some images”…other people see the images and share them…thats free advertising..you cant buy that. Once you take the business to the next level you can almost watch the magic happen.

Kylie Martin Hollands Director, GF Oats Australia

Oh, and have I mentioned how we use our Instagram and will probably blog about you too? It’s kind of a complimentary extra my clients get as part of their subscription…because promoting you promotes me. It’s just another form of collaboration, right? I’m all about win win situations.

Your Brand, Your Way

The best part about being a photographer is that I get to be as creative as you let us be. That’s right—us. Because I’m just here to bring your brand dreams alive, whatever they may be. All these suggestions are just ways I know we can make your product sing, but the great thing about this subscription is that it’s all about you. That means, unlike a regular subscription where you’re given a generic package like everyone else, you get to choose how it gets used.

Triangles of freshly sliced watermelon are positioned on a white marble board. In the background is a blurrly watermelon cocktail garnished with mint. Mint sprigs are also scattered on the board.

With your monthly images, you can choose any or all of the above, but we can also sit down and brainstorm beyond these ideas. Nothing is too crazy a suggestion and, if we can make it work within your budget, I will give almost anything a try at least once…probably more than once. 

Benefits of a Food Photography Subscription:

  1. Pay upfront and get a month free
  2. Set and forget
  3. It helps you set a regular marketing plan
  4. You don’t have to worry about what photos are coming up
  5. 5 amazing photos every month to build your branded photo library
  6. Create fresh content as we go
  7. Its better value than regular photo sessions
  8. You can concentrate on your business
  9. Unless you are a photographer this is not your hat
  10. I become a member of your A team. Yippeee!

If you have more questions, I’d love to have a chat with you, which you can organise here. We can ever run through some ideas for your first month’s images. I love thinking outside of the box…or the screen even, so let’s get crazy together and create monthly amazingness for your brand!