Wow, what a year! 

While we’re all dashing madly towards New Year’s Eve, have you found a moment to step back and look at 2021? 

Foodie Shots took a moment to appreciate some of the incredible things this year has included for us but, more importantly, for our clients.

We grew!

Having Heidi join me this year as my resident wordsmith and studio all-rounder has given me the chance to spend more time focusing on making your products shine. With her help we’ve shared stories about many of this region’s innovative and ingenious foodies through our Foodie Shots Back Stories series

girl mixing in a silver bowl

Bringing on Ashlyn, a work experience student has also been such a rewarding experience for all involved. We have loved sharing the knowledge with her and certainly enjoyed her ability to learn quickly and think abstractly. This meant she was not only learning, but helping me immensely from day one. From creating our Client Prop Catalogue to learning how to take stock images, she quickly became an integral part of our team. So much so, we’re already missing her heaps! We are looking at ways to keep her connected with us in 2022.

Awards are part of building your brands credibility.

Ausmumpreneurs Silver Awards Badge for 2021
innov8 award badge

We had a successful year in terms of being acknowledged in the business industry through various awards. Personally, I was delighted to be nominated for and win silver at the AusMumpreneurs Awards this year. As well as winning the Photography Entrepreneurs Division at the Innov8 Awards and nominated for the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards (BEA). I’m always grateful for recognition from my peers and affirmation from clients that I’m on the right path. Awards help to foster credibility in a competitive industry. This was reaffirmed in 2021 with my placement on Toowoomba Chamber’s Food and Agri Network (FAN) advisory team, allowing me to connect with and support local producers and businesses to grow. I was invited to talk to Ally and feature in the Business Journal never did I think I would be on the bloody cover!!. That one is going to the pool room lol. In business you take every opportunity presented to you.

Chamber of Commerce Business Journal March edition

Giving back to the community fills a foodie’s cup

Supporting the community is hugely important to me. This year I’ve been humbled to photograph events for Tony’s Community Kitchen and Emerge as part of Foodie Shots as well as being the photographer for this year’s Cabarlah Ladies’ Day. I have had the pleasure of learning more about some of our most disadvantaged and also empowering people in our community.

Another continued partnership for 2022 is my participation in the Growers’ on the Green event as part of the Hampton Festival. I loved the challenge of emceeing this event and the pure foodie joy of connecting with and learning from amazing producers in the region. Just another event I can’t wait to champion again in 2022. Make sure you keep May 15 and 16 free and come join us! 

We are our clients biggest cheerleaders!

Kylie and Gary stand together in front of a GF Oats Australia background. Kylie is wearing her blue GF Oats polo and Gary is wearing a GF Oats cap. They are both smiling welcomingly
Kylie Gf Oats Director profile image
GF Oats Oat Flour with muffins.

Speaking of championing, I am so so proud of the hard work and success of one of my most loyal and longest clients, GF Oats Australia! Kylie and the team have continued to take the oat world by storm this year, launching their very first run of Aussie-produced and packed oats under Aussie GF Oats. All this hustle has paid off with GF Oats Australia currently into the final round of the Telstra Best Business of Business Awards 2022! This is a huge achievement and one that Foodie Shots will be following and celebrating all the way. Congratulations Kylie and the GF Oats Australia team! We can not wait to see the final result in Feb.

Lady wearing dark shirt with Von Katz logo, pulling soap out of tray
hand holding bar of Von-Katz Soap

Another local lady smashing it in business this year is Vonnie Meier, creator of Von-Katz Soaps and Gift Baskets. Not only has Von-Katz picked up new wholesale stockists and endless private contracts for small and medium business, in February Vonnie’s Soaps was picked up by an international animal welfare charity! Sea Shepherd teamed up with Von-Katz for their very own range of activated charcoal soap. What a Coup—keep up the amazing work Vonnie!

top view of savoury nibble display of crackers, nuts, figs, jerky, cheese - Jims Jerky banner

One of my favourite, and another long-term local business client of Foodie Shots, Jim’s Jerky continues to be an Aussie snack staple. They’re a joy to work with, because of their commitment to their customers and their genuine love of their product. We will continue to work with them in 2022 as they develop new product ranges. Did you see their 2021 advent calender packs? 

DF Smoke Haus is certainly smokin’ hot.

Speaking of magnificent meat…there was a new player in the market this year: DF Smoke Haus! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeff as part of FAN and also with his clients at Darling Fresh Consulting in the past, but nothing beats seeing his very first range of smoked meats and plants fly off the shelves of local stores like Highfields Wholelife Pharmacy and Deli Delicious. To be a small part of his journey by creating his product images and content for the awesome website created by Retrohex Designs has been a fantastic collaboration.

This is just a small sample of all the amazing clients we have worked with. In between there are many more and so many personal goals have been accomplished. Some missed the mark but that is what business is about – testing ideas, pushing others and retiring some. That is how we grow. That is what makes owning a business exciting.

Planning ahead and exciting times for Foodie Shots.

As Foodie Shots looks at 2022, we already have many exciting projects and clients lined up! Following on from this year, we are working closely with the local wedding industry, particularly through Toowoomba Darling Downs (TDD) and the collaborations. I’m also excited to sink my teeth into more regional brands, working closely with Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprises (TSBE) to help their clients and farmers, promote produce locally, nationally and overseas.   

Chef Stephen Simon showing how to roll gnocchi at a Foodie Shots Pasta workshop
Food Photographer - A little bit of Tuscany - group eating their pasta
Food Photography Pasta Class - Alistair from Focus HR

The launch of our food stock library, FoodStock, is just around the corner, so keep your eyes peeled to be the very first subscribers. If you don’t know what this is…sing out and I will be happy to tell you all about it. We’ve also got our Pasta Masterclass coming back, due to  popular demand, and a few other fun surprises up our sleeves, including more stories of local foodie legends, tips and tricks to take better images yourself, and dedicated advice on other areas of imaging and marketing to add value to your products.  

Happy New Year, everyone! Let’s make 2022 the first year of the new roaring twenties! 

Cheers Kat