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As you may know in February last year we launched a new product called FoodSTOCK. An online food stock photo library. We have come a long way since then.

We created over 1000 curated images for our members. Hundreds of transparent images perfect for creating unique content. We have found our amazing editing VA Julie and she is now an integral part of our team. We have connected with beautiful foodies and learnt about their businesses. We have built in systems and processes enabling the business to function seamlessly.

What we also learnt is WOW the tech is a minefield. It takes so much time and realistically to make it work the way we had dreamed…a lot more capital and time. Time is a precious commodity as you are certainly aware of and this is why Kat has made the decision to change the way she will share her passion. 

As of immediately we are clearing the FoodSTOCK crop…and re planting the images with an amazing Australian company AUSTOCKPHOTO.COM.AU! They are a passionate team who like Kat wants to build a community to serve you…the designer, the foodie, the blogger, the content creator, the cafe owner…They have a growing community and best of all a platform that enables the ease of distributing a vast array of images. 

You will be able to purchase images individually and in various forms. AUSTOCKPHOTO are working with their developers to allow the sharing of PNGs and is confident this development will come in the near future. As you know the transparent images is what made FoodSTOCK different. What this also means is their website is sooo much faster and provides the service you deserve. Kat will be an exclusive photographer and here for you. So don’t be shy, ask questions and jump on board. 

It has been an amazing journey and one where there are absolutely no regrets. We thought of a concept, tested it, adapted and it has now evolved. Kat is truly grateful for your support and looks forward to helping you grow. 

So now let’s get on board and support another amazing Stock Library that is Australian owned, Australian Made and Made for Australians. We have the following to offer for a limited time.

simply fill in your details.

We look forward to seeing you over on real soon.