Local Chinese Takeaway Shop Gets an Image Refresh


“When the Moon hits your eye, like a …”

Delicious Steaming Plate of Mongolian Lamb.

If you ask locals to recommend their favourite Toowoomba Chinese Take-Away business, August Moon will likely be on everyone’s lips.

When Jinhee, from HappyToo Service, approached me to help create some August Moon images for his digital menu business I was excited.

The popular Chinese take-away store is a family favourite and one I personally recommend. They really do have the largest spring rolls in Toowoomba – Yum!

Keep reading on to find out below which dishes our family orders over and over again.

Food Photography for the HappyToo Service

HappyToo Service is a new premium digital menu platform where Toowoomba locals can order and have their meals delivered.

The digital service relies on showcasing delicious dishes offered by local restaurants through the platform. Having good quality images can create an impact, emotion, and desire.

Jinhee agrees that we all ‘eat with our eyes’, and understands the benefits of hiring a food photographer will help create a better user experience on his platform.

August Moon is one of many restaurants found on the HappyToo Service.

Even though the popular take-away store has a strong and loyal customer base, they didn’t have any food images to present to any prospective customers or to effectively use the HappyToo Service.

Why Quality Food Images Are Important For Business

Without images to promote food and products, businesses are doing themselves a disservice.  They are risking losing sales or the potential to increase the total sale price.

Recently, a customer of August Moon mentioned to me he went to order the sesame prawns and was surprised with what he got. He imagined prawns simply coated in sesame seeds. Instead he received crispy battered kind prawns with sesame seeds.

Knowing how much images will benefit their business, the chance for Foodie Shots to bring August Moon’s menu to life was such a delight.

Foodie Shots Goes To August Moon

With my lighting, backdrops and props I headed off to August Moon.

Shooting on location and working around the environment is such a privilege. The atmosphere is always filled with excitement, energy, anticipation, and the most amazing SMELLS!

We had such a fun time. Jinhee even managed to take a few behind the scenes pictures of me in my element. You can have a look at these over on our Facebook Page.


“Kat is really passionate about Foodie Shots and amazing photographer! We are so excited to collaborate with local experts!” – Jinhee, HappyToo Service

After 2 ½ hours, we had captured over 20 dishes and 4 banquets.

All guaranteed to make your mouth water.


Ok, without further ado – can you guess which dishes are our family favourites?