Cooking at Home with Michelle

A while back I have the pleasure of catching up with Michelle from Shell’s Friends & Family Fare, in her beautiful home based commercial kitchen. We have had so many conversations through social media and on the phone so it was nice to be in her happy place. The old restored Queenslander home is filled with so many textures and trinkets. It creates such a warm inviting feeling as you walk through the areas..


Michelle in her kitchen with Foodie Shots
cooling rack in prep for gorgeous hot dessert

South African Delights were in store

I had heard all about this Malva Pudding, something very dear to Michelle’s heart and she assures me every family has their own version. A bit like maybe every family has their version of scones or ANZAC biscuits.

Anyway, I proceeded to watch her add all the ingredients into the mixer and that was it..straight into the oven to cook. How bloody simple. But I tell you the smell was devine…and the best part was to come.



    Where did all that sauce go!

    Next to go in was this lucious carmel milky sauce. There was like a litre of liquid (in total) and I thought there was no way all of it was going to fit into the pudding basin.

    But Michelle kept pouring and pouring and I am thinking that has to overflow soon. But no, that deliciously warm pudding sucked up every last drop of deliciousness.

    When we did sit down to enjoy this beautiful comforting pudding Michelle insisted on a generous helping of cream to cut through the sweetness. How could I resist. A mouthful of absolute heaven. I honestly do not think I have ever tasted anything like it.

    So if you are in the Toowoomba region, do yourself a favour and ask Michelle to cook you up a few prepared meals to save your time during the busy week and make sure you add in a healthy order of Malva Pudding. You will not be sorry.

    WARNING not for diabetics or fitness fantatics lol……

    P.S. Her sausage rolls are a favourite as are the mini quiches she often makes for events. Maybe you have an office function coming up????

    Kat eating off the spoon


    [Very Important Foodie]

     As a foodie myself I know the importance of connecting people. Whether that is learning how to take food photography or product photography, employing Foodie Shots to capture your story, menu or product or even learning how to cook and create different food cuisines. 

    I look forward to you becoming a V.I.F. and helping you have an even better foodie experience.

    Kat Lynn xx

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