I ran a food photography workshop today for a small group at our amazing Emerge Cafe here in Toowoomba. A little eco store Green Dandelion has space in here and the owner Suanne helped co ordinate the food photography workshop. Her colourful product is such a beautiful fit for this space.

Green Dandelion Beeswax Wraps on Display

This gorgeous old building is the recent new home to a cafe founded on the premise of helping our local youth and give purpose, learn life-skills and take on responsibility. Jen Shaw is the tenacious mother of many behind this venture and it has and continues to be built on pure grit, determination and community support.


Today was the second time I ran my workshop and I must say it felt damn good. Deep down one of my core values is to encourage and empower others through learning.


Green Dandelion and the try of mandarins


I had the privilege of sharing some of my learning and experience with a varied audience and each one of them walked away with a new way of looking at composing their next shot.


James preparing his before shot at a food workshop


Something else I want to reflect on. If you have read my bioyou’ll understand why I truly believe food photography has such  beautiful power and it unites, heals, celebrates and creates memories.


Mandarin Tart final composition with mandarins around  it in a blue tray


The old tray in the first photo and above has history. It used to be owned by my beautiful neighbour Jeanie, who passed last year…we looked after her off and on and kept her company.


My kids adopted her as she did them as a grandmother figure. My son would go over each afternoon in winter and make sure there was enough wood to keep her fire going.


I often say Food Photography is emotional. This..this… is what I mean. I used this tray today and knew she was looking down at me and saying good on me for following my dreams. God I love food.

Really enjoyed Kats workshop today, I learnt some great skills to start taking better photos to represent my business. With no fancy camera or editing program, just an iphone

Victoria - #nourishedviktory

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