Well its now offical….why because we had a party to celebrate and say thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey. Many of you know I am also the other half of Sonny & Kat Photography and only recently has my food passion taken on a world of its own.

About 2 months ago when this was in the planning I wondered how would I do this without costing the earth. I went to the Hampton Festival and put my name on a raffle ticket and would you believe it … I won! I won a $500 voucher to spend anywhere in the HighCountry Hamlet which covers so many gorgeous businesses in the Highfields, Hampton and I think Crows Nest area.

What a gift. I knew exactly how to spend it. MY LAUNCH. I chose Rosalie House Winery as they use many of the local produce and help small businesses, Plus they have a gorgeous old dog Jet who is Doyle’s shadow god bless him. What better way to put back into the community and support many of the businesses that provide by spending my $500 voucher there. Many of my guests had never been to Rosalie so it was a fantastic opportunity to help spread the word about this beautiful family run winery and restaurant.

I was so humbled by the words people spoke at the launch. Jessica Ritchie branding expert opened up the evening after some nibbles and wine. She spoke about the importance of being true to your values and brand. Something I hold dear to as my core values are kindness, entegrity, and authenticity.

Kylie Martin- Hollands who is the CEO of GF Oats Australia was kind enough to talk about our business relationship and the importance of building a team around the brand so everyone is telling the same story. I consider myself a visual storyteller and I spend a lot of time talking my clients to understand what is driving them and what are their values. Anyone can take a photo…but communicating in a visual way to tell the story with a purpose is vital to stand out from the rest of the business.

I had the privilege of Councillor Bill Cahill’s presence and Councillor Carol Taylor speak as well. To have the support of such a strong voice in the community is fantastic. I can see she shares the same passion of bringing together small businesses and reducing the footprint we are leaving with the way we are eating and consuming in our community today.

Last but not least Kim Cahil from Toowoomba & Darling Downs spoke about how we can connect through people, business, food, events and places. Kim and I have often bounced ideas off each other and helped to shout out about some of the businesses in our community.


I have had so much help getting to this point and I will continue to need a banquet of supporters. I must mention the beautiful Ingrid from I-Embroider in Highfields who gave me such a beautiful gift… an embroided apron with Foodie Shots on it. Love it so much. Of course Natalie Fogarty from Vigour Graphics has been there from the start helping out with the website and another design ear. People like Tamara from Butterfly Kisses Creations has been a fantastic confidant and took these photos for me which I am grateful for as I wouldnt have been able to do it. And Clare Standfast from Windmill House Creative who has helped out with press releases and copywriting. Words are not my forte so I appreciate the help in this area. I guess the point here is … every business has its strengths and there are areas we need to rely on others to ensure we are presenting in the best way possible. At the same time it is helping another business to thrive.

We are truly blessed to have such a vast array of skills and opportunities in this community. I will be the food photographer of this region. I want each and every restaurant, cafe and food related business to benefit from an elevated profile. Lets lift the stories that are already out there to a point where Toowoomba and the region become a well known destination for high quality food and hospitality. Produce like Awassi Cheese and Bunnyconnellen Olives are just a couple of the beautiful places who help make this region as special as it is. I know Katie from ECM who won the $50 Voucher for Awassi will be very happy. 

Below are a few of the photos of the night. I spoke I think to each of you on the night as you are all so special and truly you are an important part of this journey.

Thanks for being there and lets continue the feast.