Recently Foodie Shots was asked by CCP Your Catering People to help create fresh new menu visuals for 2020.

Surround yourself with the right people

I was pretty excited to do this one. Why? Because I had met Carmel a while back and her passion for helping others and bringing the best out in people is inspirational. It is people like this I love to surround myself with. Their energy and way of looking at life is fantastic.

Also Adam the chef is fun to work with and has collaborated with me in the past with my workshops.

The brief

was bright, fresh, and not following the basic trends which would make these images go out of date within 6 months.

They wanted to be able to use these throughout their promotions and social media to promote their diversity of services.


Yes they cater for USQ Toowoomba, however they also cater for weddings and events as well as corporate functions. 

So I packed up my little car to the brim with my backdrops, props and camera gear and headed off for what was to be a fun 4hrs of shooting. 

Its important to build relationships

The complexity of this project was the life of the food. Things like fruit and salads really have little patience and there were multiple dishes needing to be grouped together rather than simply individual items.

This is where is it important to build a good relationship with the director of the shoot and in this case was Carmel. She knew the vision and also was open to suggestions which is a great combination when working in a fast paced – on location shoot.

So if you are a business or know of a business who would love to create fresh new mouth watering images, let’s chat.


Foodie Shots are always looking for exciting ways to generate return of investment for passionate businesses who truly value the impact powerful images have on customers.


We eat with our eyes, food is emotional and why not use this basic human instinct to your advantage.

Just a small photo of the team for the day. The talents Adam, beautiful passionate Carmel and Joash who was the videographer on the day. It was great to get his perspective as well. Together we all played our part and this could not have come to fruition without each one of us. 

Collaboration is the best way to work. It’s only way to work, really. Everyone’s there because they have a set of skills to offer across the board.

Antony Starr

Creating Fresh New Menu Visuals with Foodie Shots

So much is involved in creating a new menu image set. Why? Because it is an investment and one of the if not the most important marketing tools any business can have.

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