So I did something this week. Something I am not comfortable doing, however, I understand how much I love to help others and share my experiences and knowledge.

 Now, I am not saying I am a guru or have reached the pinnacle of my industry…far from it.

However what I have to offer is passion and a continuous thirst to learn and develop my craft.

I was asked to talk at the Toowoomba Canvas Coworking Lunch & Learn sessions and I took up the challenge and spoke to around 16 people about tips and tricks of creating a good product image with their smart phones.

Thats right…I am a pro photographer and not a camera was to be seen. What I wanted people to understand is there is so much more to photography than the camera. Yes I have a fantastic expensive beast and I also have a background in design. This affords me the ability to have an eye for composition, an understanding of colour theory, and an appreciation for chasing the light. 

So before we even pick up the camera or smart phone we go through a series of questions and play with different elements to build a story. Then and only then do we start to capture and tweak the image. 

I have put together a few tips here for those who weren’t able to go to the Lunch and Learn. Simply fill in your details below and I will send you some tips on creating Killer smart phone images.

Please reach out if you have any more questions. I also do private classes if that is of interest. We can go through any of the following Natural Lighting, Using artifical light, Composing an Image, Editing.

Kat did a great job explaining about the importance of composition, lighting and texture.

Lunch & Learn Participant

Seeing the amount of thought and effort that Kat puts into styling a photo gives me hope mine will improve…with more trial and error.

Lunch & Learn Participant

It was helpful to learn about different ways to use what I may have on hand, to help improve the lighting and remove reflections.

Lunch & Learn Participant

I am now more aware of different apps that can help me edit the photos bluriness in the bits I dont want to focus on, I think that will help me alot.

Lunch & Learn Participant