I have been telling stories all my life and in fact many of them are the type that have been holding me back. And I can near on guarantee, so have you.

Recently I went to a business workshop and this exercise I will share was an amazing insight and has really helped my personal business journey.

In the bustling realm of business, where every decision carries weight and every strategy can shape futures, the most influential narratives are often the ones we tell ourselves. It’s not just about excel spreadsheets, systems and processes, or lead magnets; it’s also about our deep-rooted beliefs surrounding success and in particular our relationship with money. Shaped by childhood experiences, ingrained societal norms, and powerful generational tales, these beliefs can either propel us towards our goals or act as invisible chains, holding us back. But what if we could rewrite these stories, much like refining a business model? In this blog, we’ll explore an enlightening exercise to re-frame and retell our financial narratives, helping business owners like us pave the way to uncharted successes.


What stories have you have been telling yourself

What I would like you to do is to write down at least 5 strong beliefs you have around money. It can be hard to think about so here are some prompts.

  • What do you say about buying things?
  • How do you feel when spending money?
  • What is your belief around saving?
  • What did your parents used to say?
  • What was your relationship with money growing up?

My 5 money stories

To help, I’ll share some of my previous beliefs that I had been telling myself. No judgement here…we all have our stories and its up to you to choose how you wish to rewrite them.

  1. I need to keep money – my belief was I need to hold onto it just in case of a rainy day
  2. If I don’t have x in the account I am fearful – the thought of not being able to pay a bill or someone would paralyse me. This was both an ego thing and a sense of urgency that I must pay people as soon as possible as they need the money too.
  3. If I don’t have money I cant provide for my family – As a parent it is vital that I can provide for my family and ensure they have everything they need otherwise a sense of failure plays out
  4. I cant afford it – from a place of lack. Sometimes this is used as an excuse to not do something rather than owning the choice for whatever reason
  5. I shouldn’t buy that – a place of guilt as there is always a more important bill than my happiness.

Have you got your stories? Be sure to really sit with the emotion behind each one and where they came from . This is the key. The origin of these stories helps with the re-framing. Many of my stories comes from childhood where we weren’t rich in fact far from it. Be grateful with what you have. To have more money than you need is greedy. Money doesn’t grow on trees therefore money is hard to come by. Can you relate?

Re-framing my money stories

Now for each of those beliefs re-frame the statements so that they reflect a positive story. Again here are my re-frames:

  1. I need to keep money – RE-FRAMED Money will continue to flow
  2. If I don’t have x in the account I am fearful – RE-FRAMED I have capacity to create the abundance I desire
  3. If I don’t have money I cant provide for my family – RE-FRAMED There is more wealth in how I provide for my family besides money
  4. I can’t afford it – RE-FRAMED I choose to buy that
  5. I should’nt buy that – RE-FRAMED I deserve the choices I make

Now the exercise we did suggested all the old beliefs are burnt and the new stories printed proudly and put around our homes..in our offices, on our bathroom mirrors so that we are constantly helping to retrain our brain to live and breathe these stories. Make them your new mantras and start seeing the results.

The beauty of these stories is that they are not set in stone. With the insights and exercises shared in this blog, every business owner has the tools to reshape their financial and success narratives. As you move forward in your entrepreneurial journey, remember: the most powerful stories are the ones we author ourselves, and every day offers a fresh page to start anew.

I would love to hear if you do this exercise and how you went. So by all means send me a message sometime or connect. I hope it has helped stimulate thought and more importantly inspire you to continue on your amazing business journey with confidence.