Foodie Branding Photography

Foodie Shots is the holistic photographer for your business. Kat will elevate your brand, and connect you with your customers by telling your unique visual story.

Lets uncover your story...

Brand Stories

Prepared Meals & Event Services

Michelle’s love for caring for others creates the most wonderful homemade meals and catering small bites. Her laugh is infectious and her hugs are enveloping.

Your brand is the complete representation of who you are and what you do

Emily really doesnt like looking at the camera. And that is fine. Her brand doesnt need it. By taking the approach of an observer we can still show her audience an inside view of Inspired By Night and the beauty she brings to her product. It is about the essence of her brand. We are still connecting through her photos.

Foodie Event Stories

It gets hot in the kitchen but this is where the action is. Why not showcase the people behind the wonderful dishes served up in your restaurants and cafes. Olaf from Clifford Park Racecourse was in charge of the TSBE Beef Battle where 400 odd prime beef was cooked.

You are your brand story

Yes WHAT you sell is important, however your customers also want to know who you are. GF Oats Director Kylie uses product, lifestyle and personal branding images to promote her company internationally.

Invite your audience to see you

If you show your customers what it is like to work with you and a few behind the scenes images, it helps to create transparency in your business. Branding sessions are not just headshots and poses…its about telling your unique story and sharing that across your platforms.

A visual story needs little words

The power of bridging knowledge gaps and educating people in other demographics through photography is amazing. Kat has had the absolute pleasure of spending days out on farms to document the day in the life of….These become the vital tools to preserve moments but also build unexpected connections in your business.