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Please welcome Heidi to the Foodie Shots team

In March 2021 we made the decision to look for a little help in terms of handling the increasing communications and administrationn section of the business. It had been something we wanted to introduce for a few months however trying to find the right person was becoming a challenge.Yes there are plenty of VAs and copywriters out there that could help and I have given a few jobs to some. What I was finding though they lacked the manic passion for food. That addictive energy people get when they are alive because of food.

Heidi and I had known each other for a little while but it wasnt until recently I understood her passion. She had hinted she had done some copywriting in the past and this was what she studied.

Heidi actually was introduced to me as a pet sitter and at the end of her stay she had left a beautiful aray of gourmet foods for our return. Her level of hospitality and attention to detail was amazing.

So the day came when I had tasks up to my eyeballs and I reached out to her and funnily ennough she was on a beach looking at a coffee tour. I was convinced.

Better still she was so excited at the idea of working with a food photograper, someone who is constantly immersed in the food industry.

I am looking forward to growing and building Foodie Shots so have a read about Heidi below and sing out to either of us to see how Foodie Shots can help your foodie business grow.

So take a read below and meet our wordsmith extraordinaire, Heidi

Hi, I’m Heidi

Probably the most important things to know about me is that I love furry creatures, food, and dad jokes. If you also like one of these three things, we will be firm friends.

On a professional level I studied communications and events way back in the mid 2000s, but have also been a word-nerd since birth. Yep, I was that girl reading everywhere she went. I have kept up my writing with sporadic blogging and editing for friends and colleagues. I also have over ten years in hospitality and retail, so I know the long hours and incredible dedication that goes into developing amazing products…and eating others’ yummy creations.

Working with Kat is an amalgamation of a few goals—to learn from experts and meet local business leaders, but also (and secretly the most important) have an excuse to talk about food all day. Just like Kat, I see food as emotional—I love that providing food can give sustenance for both the body and the soul. That just the smell of bread baking can take you back to a moment or memory of home and love.

I’m so excited to help Kat take Foodie shots to the next level and I know with our shared enthusiasm it’s going to be an incredible and delicious ride!


Heidi Profile

In Heidi’s first week she wrote a beautiful article which has already been published in the Toowoomba Styles magazine featuring Foodie Shots on the front cover and a double page spread. Awesome effort and great to see her impact already. Click the article below to read.

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